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Zach Williams

Ever heard of Zach Williams? He’s a seriously fabulous Christian music artist. His lyrics. They’re like he’s been reading the notes scribbled along the margins in my Bible. Or somehow, figured out how to dissect the deep struggles of my heart. Yesterday, a dear friend told me I had to listen to his latest, Fear is a Liar. I did, and on the fifth listen, I let it sink in. I’ve been a Believer way too long to have these doubts. (fear I can’t ever measure up) What if what I’m writing now isn't any good. (fear of failure) What if, when Jesus said we are His righteousness, He was talking about everybody except sinners like me. (fear I could never be loved by anyone

who really knows me)

Well. Every Word of God says otherwise, and will we believe Him, the Giver of Truth? The Giver of Life? Or will we believe the proven Liar. If that’s not a duh question, I don’t know what is.

“...When he told you you’re not worthy

When he told you you’re not loved

When he told you you’re not beautiful

That you’ll never be enough… “

Let’s let the words God gave Zach finally open our hearts to the Truth. He’s told us we’re worthy. He’s told us we’re loved. He’s told us we’re beautiful and plenty good enough. And more than that, He’s shown us.

Love, Bev

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