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Come home to stories of faith, love and forgiveness.

Be encouraged! 

I'm not in a cautious mood at the moment.  I'm in the mood for daring, big, bold, brave faith.  Ready to jump into being a better me with fearless (not reckless, because that's not who I am, no matter how big, bold and brave) abandon. These scary times. This rebirth life we're living at the moment.  It's not a do-over time, it's a re-arrange time.  Priorities, mainly. I know I've been coasting for a long time. Working hard, but at what? Going somewhere, but where? That empty spot I've ignored for so many years because something different has been expected? Easier? More demanding? The things I've allowed to creep in and take over my time and energy that don't even really matter? Not in that "first things first" way, anyway.  And not in that taking everything for granted way, either. Well, this time of forced detaching from the norm has resurrected something that's refusing to take a back seat any longer; and demanding some pretty firm Why Not's? Are you feeling it, too? 

Why Not finish that book.

Why Not start that business.

Why Not get right with what I know I've been doing wrong.

Why Not finally organize home, office, car, whatever.

Why not stop and give ourselves permission to take a walk or read a book.

Why Not be the bodacious force of nature we were created to be.

Why Not make sure the people we love know they're what's truly the most important?

Why Not stop saying someday...

Why Not... you fill in your own blank.

These uncertain times call for most certain action. Deep breath. Hold my hand and we'll take the long needed time to make changes we've needed to make, together!


“Your calling is bigger than you. It’s about  the people you are called to impact.”  

John Bevere

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