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Questions & Answers

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your writing career? 

  In writing and in life, without a doubt, Jesus Christ.

What challenges do writer’s face?

 Time. Social media. A.D.D. Well, that’s me, anyway.

How do you come up with your characters? 

 I have no idea. I know the beginning of a story and the ending, and they sorta create themselves once their story gets rolling. So I’m a pantser—plotting never works for me. I have to be surprised while I’m writing or I get bored.

Are you a bookworm? 

 I usually have two… maybe four books going at a time. I think I’m more of a bookbutterfly. I flit around a lot.

What’s your writing day like?

 I have to have a block of time when I write. An hour here and there doesn’t work for me.  I have to schedule like crazy to have the time I need. But it’s worth it.

If you were starting over, what would you do differently?          Consistency. I haven't - and won’t - sacrifice one moment with my family for writing; but I would grab more time than I did. Times I watched TV instead of writing. Or squandered hours doing laundry.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

 A writer. It’s always been that. But if I couldn’t be a writer, maybe an event planner. Or a B&B owner in a Hallmark movie.

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“You should be writing from life - from the depths of your soul. There is nothing in here of the woman who I am privileged to know. There is more to you than this...reading your book should be like opening a window to your soul.”  

Little Women, the Professor to Jo

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