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        Sweet & Inspirational Contemporary Romance      


Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts

Hailey Holman is a woman determined to keep her dad's memory and his dream of reopening their small-town Texas base station alive.


Jack Stinson is looking for a peaceful place to escape the rat race of the big city life and big city business of his own family's airplane manufacturing business.


What a perfect match.


Other than the fact that her mom hates the flying business with a passion and fights Hailey’s every effort, and Jack's dad fought his every effort to make the break, then disowned him for leaving. Throw in two town bullies who insist on opening a base station of their own and reeking havoc on Hailey's plans and her own determination not to get personally involved with the employees, and it’s anything but smooth sailing.


But these two focused pilots might just be surprised how things can work out with enough stubbornness . . . and faith.

Writer's Digest Winner "Release"

Women's Contemporary Fiction



"Can a happily married, supposedly grown-up Christian woman fall in love with characters in a book, as they too fall in love? I did, reading Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts.  Ms. Rogers' storytelling often made me refuse to put the book down, even though I knew there were things I needed to do. Yes, it's that ghood, and I'm so looking forward to the next novel by this talented writer."

Eva Shaw, PhD, author of bestselling Games of the Heart and Doubts of the Heart

"Beverly A. Rogers has created two very likeable and charming characters and a heart-warming story of faith and family that will keep you turning pages hours after you were supposed to turn off the light.  Her characters walk off the page and into your heart."

"... For a sweet, deep and very inspiring and fast read with a great plot that will keep you hooked to know what happens next, don't miss Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts by Beverly A. Rogers."

Harlequin Junkie

Pam Zollman, Founder of The Writer's Plot and award-winning author of more than 40 books. Ms. Zollman is a charter member of Romance Writer's of America (where she served as chapter president)

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